Svenska AIPPI-gruppens rapporter

pdf_sign.gif Q247, Trade secrets: overlap with restraint of trade, aspects of enforcement

 Q246, Exceptions and limitations to copyright protection for libraries, archives and educational and research institutions

 Q245, Taking unfair advantage of trademarks: parasitism
and free riding

 Q244, Inventorship of multinational inventions

 Q241, IP licensing and insolvency

 Q240, Exhaustion issues in copyright law

 Q239, The basic mark requirement under the Madrid System

 Q238, Second medical use or indication claims

 Q228, Patents on Prior User Rights

 Q236, Relief in IP proceedings other than injunctions or damages

 Q235, Term of copyright protection

 Q234, Relevant public for determining the degree of recognition of famous marks, well-known marks and marks with reputation

 Q233, Grace period for patents

 Q232, The relevance of traditional knowledge to intellectual property law

Q231, The interplay between design and copyright protection for Industrial products

Q230, Infringement of trademarks by goods in transit

Q229, The use of prosecution history in post-grant patent proceedings

pdf_sign.gif Q219 Injunctions on cases of infringement of IPRs

pdf_sign.gif Q218 The requirement of genuine use of trademarks for maintaining protection

pdf_sign.gif Q217 The patentability criteria for inventive step/non-obviousness

pdf_sign.gif Q216B Exceptions to copyright protection and the permitted uses of copyrighted works in the hi-tech and digital sectors

pdf_sign.gif Q 216 Exceptions to copyright protection and the permitted uses of copyright works in the hi-tech and digital sectors

pdf_sign.gif Q 215 Protection of trade secrets through IP and unfair competition law

pdf_sign.gif Q 214 Protection against the dilution of a trade mark

pdf_sign.gif Q 213 The person skilled in the art in the context of the inventive step requirement in patent law

pdf_sign.gif Q 204P Liability for contributory infringement of IPRs - certain aspects of patent infringement

pdf_sign.gif Q210, The protection of major sports events and associated commercial activities through Trade marks and other IPR

pdf_sign.gif Q209, Selection inventions- the inventive step requirement, other patentability criteria and scope of protection

pdf_sign.gif Q208, Border measures and other means of customs intervention against infringers

pdf_sign.gif Q194, del 2, The impact of co-ownership of Intellectual Property Rights on their Exploitation

pdf_sign.gif Q 205, Exhaustion of IPRs in cases of recycling and repair of goods

pdf_sign.gif Q 204, The Liability for Contributory Infringement of IPRs

pdf_sign.gif Q 203, Damages for infringement, counterfeiting and piracy of trademarks

pdf_sign.gif Q 202, The impact of public health issues on exclusive patent rights

pdf_sign.gif Q 195, Limitations of the Trademark Protection

pdf_sign.gif Q 194, The impact of co–ownership of Intellectual Property Rights on their exploitation

pdf_sign.gif Q 193, Divisional, Continuation and Continuation in Part Applications

pdf_sign.gif Q 188, Conflicts between trademark protection and free speech

pdf_sign.gif Q 187, Limitations on exclusive IP Rights by competition law

pdf_sign.gif Q 186, Punitive damages as a contentious issue of Intellectual Property Rights

pdf_sign.gif Q 185, Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

pdf_sign.gif Q 183, Employers’ rights to intellectual property

pdf_sign.gif Draft Q 178, Scope of patent protection

pdf_sign.gif Q 175, The role of equivalents and prosecution history in defining the scope of patent protection

pdf_sign.gif Q 174, Jurisdiction and applicable law in the case of cross-border infringement (infringing acts) of IP Rights

pdf_sign.gif Q 173, Issues of co-existence of trademarks and domain names

pdf_sign.gif Q 170, Secret Prior Art

pdf_sign.gif Q 169, Criminal law sanctions with regard to the infringement of IP Rights

pdf_sign.gif Q 168, Trademark

pdf_sign.gif Q 167, Current standards for prior art disclosures in assessing novelty and non-obiousness requirements

pdf_sign.gif Q 114 Biotechnology (including plant varieties) on the protection of inventions regarding isolated stem cells

pdf_sign.gif Q 109 Restitution of right of priority for PCT patent applications

pdf_sign.gif Special Committee Q 94, Survey based on Questionnaire no 4: Implementation of Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on TRIPs and Public Health

pdf_sign.gif Special Committee Q 94 Appendix

AIPPI:s resolutioner under 2016

Resolutioner antagna under 2016 kan hämtas här, som rör:

- Security interests over registered intellectual property rights (baserad på Study Question)
- Requirements for protection of designs (baserad på Study Question)
- Publication of Patent Applications (baserad på Standing Committee Report)
- Patent Rights and Green Technology / Climate Change (baserad på Standing Committee Report)
- Linking and making available on the Internet (baserad på Study Question)
- Added Matter: the standard for determining adequate support for amendments (baserad på Study Question)